Things that your dog hates and you did not know

The fact that dogs are the most loyal friends is a widespread argument. Our pets are always ready to make us happy every day and share good times in our company. But there are also things your dog hates about you and your routine and, maybe, you have not noticed.

5 things your dog hates about you and your routine

Our dogs are extraordinarily intelligent and sensitive, so they easily capture stimuli that go completely unnoticed. In addition, as they use mostly body language to communicate, they are able to 'read' our facial expressions, gestures and actions , even if we do not say a single word to them.

Therefore , There are some things that your dog hates and it is important to be attentive to them ; the consequence may be the stress of our friends and encourage the development of behavioral problems, such as aggressiveness and destructive habits.

To help you improve the bond with your best friend, and thus avoid problems of coexistence , next we will see the five things that the dogs most hate about us and our way of being:

  • The demonstrations of affection so 'human '

People are used to showing affection with kisses, hugs, etc. But this type of demonstrations does not always suppose the logic of social interaction of the dogs .

In practice, a hug for your dog may seem more like an act of 'imprisonment' than a 'gesture' of love'. In fact, the vast majority of dogs do not like hugs.

Logically, dogs love to give and receive love and pampering, especially with their owners and family. However, they have their own way of expressing their appreciation and enjoy the company of their favorite humans.

  • The 'excess of words '

For us, oral language is the most important and usual way to communicate our thoughts, feelings and desires . So much so that many of us have the habit of talking alone to 'think better' or prepare for an important presentation or event.

However, one of the things your dog hates about you is your 'excess of words' As we mentioned, dogs mostly use their body to communicate, through postures, actions and facial expressions; the oral route is not the only method of relating to our pet.

This does not mean that your dog does not like it when you speak to him, but that he expects you to use your body language more to transmit it your message. In this way, to improve the bond and communication with your pet, we advise you to learn more about canine body language.

  • Habits and noisy environments

We always mention that the senses of dogs are more developed than ours, especially hearing and the smell . Maybe putting the music up to sing, dance or push away the 'bad vibes' may seem like something liberating or funny.

But this is also one of the things that your dog hates, because loud noises can scare or generate an important uncomfortable .Surely, none of us or our dogs. Scolding expose dogs to negative emotions, such as fear, stress and anxiety, which is detrimental to their physical and mental health.

In addition, punishments and Violent methods are very dangerous, since an animal tends to defend itself by feeling threatened. Therefore, remember to choose the positive reinforcement to educate your dog , and thus encourage their learning and cognitive abilities.

  • The lack of routine

The routine has gained some 'bad reputation' among humans, and is that it is seen as something 'boring'. However, one of the things your dog hates is not having a well-defined routine in his day-to-day with you.

Almost all animals need to cling to a routine to feel more secure, in order to avoid the exposure to unnecessary risks. Of course, dogs are no exception and are highly benefited by a healthy lifestyle routine.

These good habits should include feeding times, walks, mental stimulation , of rest and, logically, of fun. In this way, we will generate a good daily coexistence with our pets.